5 Ways To Accessorize A Classic White Home Exterior

Today's homeowners have a wide array of exterior colors to choose from, but white and off-white remain timeless classics. If you're not prepared to go bold with a unique or dark color, or if you're limited to pale shades, you can still craft a stunning exterior based on white shades. Here are a few ways to do that. 

1. Add a Bold Front Door

The front door is a great opportunity to have fun with color against a white background. It's simple to accomplish and can be easily repainted if you want to change up your aesthetic later on. Have fun with the front door choice, perhaps with a bright teal, passionate red, or cheery yellow. 

2. Choose Dark Trim

Contrast the white walls of your exterior with a dark trim choice. Deep charcoal gray, black, and navy blue are popular choices in 2023, adding elegance and drama. By strategizing how much trim — including windows, shutters, gutters, doors, eaves, and porch structures — you want to paint a dark color, you'll decide how bold you want to make things. 

3. Highlight Architecture

The uncluttered nature of a pale neutral exterior means you can bring out architectural details that make your home unique. It could be anything from brick or stone textures and columns to classic elements of your home's period and style. How might you bring these out? Use trim colors to make them more noticeable. Draw attention with greenery. Or place an eye-catching element — such as a statement lantern — to highlight them. 

4. Soften With Trim

One concern with bright white walls, in particular, is that it may look and feel too stark and unwelcoming. Trim color can help here, too. In this case, you may want to use softer shades to bring warmth to the white. Gray, pastels, and wood tones do the job nicely. 

5. Make Use of Greenery

When planning curb appeal, don't forget to incorporate your landscaping choices. Many types of flowers, trees, and greenery look amazing with a white or off-white exterior. The living elements soften the structure, and it provides a blank canvas to highlight them. Depending on your landscape plans, you may not want to add much boldness to your house palette. 

Where to Start

Ready to turn your white or off-white home into a masterpiece? Start by meeting with an exterior painting service in your area today. With their guidance, you'll soon find the perfect complements for your base color. 

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