3 Reasons To Choose Paint Over Wallpaper

If you're planning to change the look of a room, one thing to think about is how you want the walls to look. A lot of people automatically begin to browse wallpaper samples at their local home supply store, but this isn't the only approach that you can take. Another idea is to hire a residential painter to give the walls a fresh, new look. If you're struggling to decide whether wallpaper or paint is a better option for you, it's worth thinking about the advantages of paint over wallpaper. Here are some points to keep in mind.

No Peeling

There's no disputing that wallpaper can offer a stylish and pristine look in the weeks and months after installation, but issues can arise over time. Often, wallpaper will start to peel along the edges. This can happen for a number of different reasons, but it quickly becomes an eyesore when this issue occurs. A big reason to favor paint over wallpaper is that you don't have to worry about peeling. A professional painter will apply the paint in a manner that ensures it keeps a like-new look for years.

Easy To Repair

It's possible that one of your walls could sustain minor damage in the years ahead. This can often occur when you have children, who might dent the wall while playing. Damage to paint is easy to repair. You simply fill any noticeable gouge in the wall and apply a sparse amount of paint over it. When you have damaged wallpaper, you have more of an issue. This is especially true if the wallpaper has a vivid design, as you can't repair it with paint. If you're worried about how you'll repair damage should it occur, paint will likely be a better wall covering for you than wallpaper.

Less Need To Change

Some wallpaper designs can look trendy for a short period of time, but then fall out of style. If you were to choose this type of wallpaper, you'd either have to replace it in perhaps just a few years or deal with living in a home that looks a little outdated. This isn't an issue that you'll typically face with paint. A lot of paint colors are timeless. A wall that has off-white paint on it, for example, isn't apt to ever look outdated. This means that you won't need to worry about changing the look of the wall for the foreseeable future. Reach out to an interior house painter to discuss your painting project.

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