5 Interior Painting Tips For A Mountain Rental Home

A rental home in the mountains can be a great source of income for any vacation property owner or investor. But in an increasingly tight market both for long-term and short-term rentals, how you decorate yours will go a long way toward its success or failure. To help you get started on the right foot, here are a few key interior painting tips to apply.

1. Start Neutral. 

Many interior design experts recommend starting with a lighter, largely neutral palette that appeals to all. This doesn't, of course, mean you must paint your entire house white or beige. Mountain homes work particularly well with soft gray neutrals, pale greens, or pale blues. 

2. Don't Compete With Nature. 

Your tenants or guests generally rent a house in the mountains in order to enjoy the natural area. So don't paint your interior in ways that will compete for attention. Look for places where you want visitors' attention drawn to great views, natural features, or rustic architecture. Then, make these the focus by using softer and more complementary interior paint around them. 

3. Use a Whole Home Palette. 

No matter what main colors you want, a good way to make the house look harmonious and well-planned is to use a whole home palette. To do this, look for a limited handful of colors to use throughout all the rooms. Most homeowners use about three main colors — two lighter and one bolder — and then use shades of these to avoid being too boring. 

4. Be Inspired by Surroundings. 

Look to the surrounding natural elements and local community for color inspiration. You might complement amazing fall colors or a bright wintry sparkle, depending on the most popular times to rent. Or take inspiration in flowers around the home, a beautiful nearby lake, local art, or even the wood of the structure. 

5. Use the Right Paint.

Keep your rental house looking its best by always choosing high-quality paint with the right features. This often includes things like low gloss to hide defects, more durable and stain-resistant paint, and anti-fade paint where sunlight shines through. The better your paint, the less work you'll have to do later.

Where to Start

Ready to get started? Begin by meeting with an interior residential painting service in your rental unit's local area such as GC Painting. With their guidance and expertise, you'll choose the right colors and paint materials for a rental that everyone will love to stay in for many years.

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