Acrylic-Based Paint Products For Asphalt Shingle Roofing Systems

High winds and excessive moisture can loosen shingles and cause hairline cracks or mildew growth. A roof-coating paint product that contains an acrylic base will increase the durability of asphalt shingles.

A Waterproof Product That Has A Low Sheen

Some professional painters offer a line of exterior paint products that contain an acrylic base. A paint variety that is designed to be applied to a shingle roofing system will repel water. This type of product may have a low sheen, which will be easy on the eyes.

Exterior products come in many shades, allowing a residential or commercial property owner to select a paint color for their roof that will coincide nicely with the siding, window trim, doors, and other surface materials that comprise the exterior of a structure. An acrylic paint product that will be applied to a rooftop will need to be brushed, rolled, or sprayed across each shingle.

Seamless Properties That Protect

Roofing shingles are nailed down during the installation of a new roofing system, but the nails may not adequately prevent shingles from coming loose. If a roofing job was done several years ago, some shingles may already be showing signs of wear. 

The seamless properties of a roofing paint product will ensure that the edges of adjoining shingles remain flush with a rooftop. The addition of an acrylic paint product will prevent shingles from cracking or falling off a roof entirely. A roofing paint manufacturer may guarantee that their line of products will hold up for many seasons. 

An Estimate And The Application Steps

A painting contractor will need to know the dimensions of a rooftop. The number of shingles that comprise a rooftop will indicate how much paint will be needed to cover all of the roofing materials. If any shingles are loose or damaged, a property owner should consult with a roofing contractor first. A roofing contractor will repair a rooftop, prior to the paint application being performed.

A painting contractor will provide a client with information about each of the paint products that they can use to protect asphalt shingles. Paint colors can be mixed if a client would like to have a custom color added to the rooftop. The shingles will need to be clean and dry. This will allow a roof coating paint product to adequately bond to the asphalt. Roof coating products may be designed to be fade- and peel-resistant.

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