Purple And Green: How To Use Nature's Hues To Freshen Up Your Home

Are you starting to get tired of winter and are finding yourself longing for the next season of spring and warmer days? One sure way to beat the winter blues is to paint your home's interior, or at least a room or two, in a fun and new color. Purple and green are the perfect paint pairing to beat the winter blues and give your home a look that is as fresh and pleasing as a springtime bouquet of lilacs.

Reflect on nature

When you think about flowers, you cannot help but imagine purple tulips, clematis, lavender, roses, hyacinth, or cosmos with their lush green stems. Refreshing and alluring, the nature-inspired blooms with their green stems are a perfect pair for brightening up your home's interior. Bring the look to life in your interior by painting walls a sweet lavender and using a grassy green for doorways and window trims. 

Do not be afraid of the dark

Do you always rule out dark colors when it comes to choosing paint for a wall? Many people feel dark colors will be overbearing and make a room appear too dark, but that is simply not true with deep purple. Paint walls in an eggplant shade of purple and you will be surprised how it transforms the room right before your eyes when used with mossy green accents. 

Go all the way

Say goodbye to a boring white ceiling and paint it the same green or purple as the walls for a seamless look that is sure to be relaxing. For a unique and modern look, paint the walls a mossy green and the ceiling a lilac purple to create a room that looks like a springtime day any season of the year.

Create a balancing act

To maximize the beauty of purple and green, be sure to pair them with other colors that will complement their rich hues. For instance, black and white furniture will add a soothing and sophisticated look to a room with lavender or minty green walls and trim. Soften darker shades of purple and green with soft gray furniture and light wooden accent tables.

Purple and green are popping up everywhere in interior design this year, and for a good reason. Romantic and playful, purple and green will not disappoint when you pair them together on interior walls and accents. You will feel your mood lifting by the refreshing and welcoming hues of purple and green. Contact an interior remodeling service near you to learn more.

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