5 Problems Exterior Painting Can Fix

A fresh coat of exterior paint can give your home a facelift or new look, but it can also be used to fix current damages and prevent further damages. There are several ways in which exterior paint is more than just a fresh coat of paint. 

1. Weathered Wood

Wood siding will quickly weather if it isn't kept painted or sealed. If you had previously sealed natural wood siding that has begun to weather out as the seal faded, then a coat of paint can solve the problem. It will hide the faded and weathered wood while also ensuring that the siding is sealed against moisture damages and pests. 

2. Faded Color

Over time, the color can fade on almost any type of siding. If it is wood or fiber cement siding, then standard exterior painting will refresh and rejuvenate the color of the home. Vinyl siding, which can also fade due to sun exposure, can also be repainted although special primers, paints, and techniques are needed to ensure good adhesion and full coverage.

3. Patched Siding

Repairs are sometimes necessary. They could be as simple as using wood putty to fix a hole or crack, or it may be that an entire piece of siding has been put in and it doesn't match exactly. Repainting the entire exterior will cover the patchwork and provide an evenly matched exterior that looks as though it has never suffered any damage. Just make sure all repairs are completed before priming and repainting occurs. 

4. Ugly Stains

Few siding materials are completely immune to stains. Many different substances can stain siding, but some of the common culprits include mold and algae, grease, pollen, and bird droppings. You can sometimes scrub off a small stain, but extensive staining is best fixed with a new paint job. Your contractor will begin with a coat of primer that is designed to seal in the stains so they don't seep through the new coats of paint

5. Graffiti Vandalism

Sometimes the problem is vandalism. Commercial buildings are especially prone to graffiti, but some residential homes—particularly those with large walls in hidden areas like alleyways—can also be targets. One way to minimize graffiti is to repaint it as soon as it occurs, as graffiti often begets more graffiti. Your contractor can also use special exterior paint coatings that prevent future graffiti from adhering, which will make cleanup much easier. 

Contact an exterior painting service if you would like to schedule a quote. 

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