Paint To Consider For Your Business's Brick Exterior

You don't have to leave your business's brick exterior classic brick red in order to make your business stand out. You can paint the brick a variety of colors, which can not only make your building look more modern but help protect the brick at the same time. Commercial painting done on brick can actually extend brick life by preserving the porous brick and protecting it against water damage, mildew, and common weathering. Painted brick also makes the building easier to clean, which is important in keeping your business's curb appeal in check.

When it comes to commercial painting, the biggest issue you'll have is not whether or not to paint, it's what color you should paint your business's exterior. Not sure what to do? Your commercial painting contractors will assist you, and you can use this guide to assist you as well. Here are some colors to consider when painting your business's brick exterior.

Soft gray

A soft gray color adds a hint of color to your business's exterior without being too overbearing and helps make the building stand out in positive ways. The light gray takes away from classic white while still staying in that clean and crisp color line. Your commercial painting expert will help you come up with a soft gray color that works best for your building's exterior based on how large your building is and what color the surrounding buildings around you are.


Navy is a color choice for your brick building's exterior if you want to exude confidence but you don't want to go with a true black or a hunter green. Navy, in the world of marketing, is a color that represents intelligence, so if you want to give off a professional allure while increasing your brick building's curb appeal, navy is a great color choice to consider.


If you want to go classic but white isn't your style, then a classic cream is a wise choice for your brick building's exterior. A cream that is tan or soft yellow-based is going to complement your building's exterior features and finishes and will make landscaping efforts — especially flowers — stand out in positive ways. When you want to get more out of your business in a simple way, choose cream, and you'll realize this subtle neutral adds a lot of curb appeal to your facility.

Always hire a commercial painting specialist to paint your building, even if you have done painting before. Commercial painting contractors know the best brands of exterior paint to use and will be able to make your building look beautiful.

If you have further questions, reach out to a local commercial painting contractor.

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