When Should You Paint Your Home White?

The outside of your house is the first thing people see when they come up to your property. You want to give your home the right curb appeal by painting your house a pleasing color, but you don't want to choose a shade that will be unpopular in a few years or that sticks out too much. However, you also don't want to be predictable and boring with your home color. So why would you ever choose to paint your home's exterior white?

White is a great color for your home's exterior because the shade is timeless, is easy to care for, blends well with any other color scheme, and is easy to paint over when you choose to paint your home another color in the future. Here are reasons you should paint your home white.

You have an ornate door or porch

Do you have a front door that has custom glass inserts? Is your front porch particularly ornate and you want to show off the beauty of your entryway? The best way to do this is to choose an understated color for your home's exterior so the features you want to show off will stand out in positive ways. Choose white for your home's outside if you have an entryway you don't want to clash with.

You have lots of ornamental foliage

Shrubbery and beautiful gardens around the front of your home or surrounding your entire property are given a beautiful background when you choose to paint your home white over other shades. Your flower beds, rock gardens, and other unique home features will stand out more with a white or other lighter shade on the outside of your home.

You have a smaller home

Is your house very small or you have a boxy design to your property's structure? Do you want to give your home the impression of being larger and grander? White is reflective in design, which means the color can make your home appear larger than it really is and help give your property a more luxurious appeal.

To further enhance the benefits of white on your home's exterior, consider painting trim and shutters a totally contrasting shade like dark green, navy blue, rich gray, or another deep color. The color contrast will further make your home look more grandiose and give your property the allure you desire. When you paint your home white, you improve your property in many ways.

For more information and assistance with your painting project, contact your local exterior home painters today.

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