Paint Your Commercial Space To Suit Your Patrons

Before you paint your restaurant, office, or business space, consider some theories of color psychology. Color psychology attests that the colors inside your home or business directly impact the mood of those inside. This may be an effective tool to use when you rely on patrons, customers, or clients coming into your workspace and buying what you sell.

Restaurants and Eateries

If you want customers to come in and eat, use green for your walls. Green is calming and evokes a sense of nature, which can stimulate the appetite. Green also represents success to many, which is not a bad impression to make on your patrons. Consider pairing green walls and fixtures with a black ceiling, which can make imperfect or shoddy ceilings shine and meld with the other colors in your scheme.

Pubs and Taverns

For a fun and engaging vibe, consider opting for shades of orange and yellow in your bar, tavern, or pub. Red may evoke angst or even anger, so opt instead for muted shades of these warm colors. Brown pairs well and creates a sense of intimacy, which may be perfect for your establishment. Furthermore, brown is excellent for concealing and hiding dirt and dust in any space.

Spas and Salons

To calm and subdue your salon or spa patrons, choose shades of blue, pink, and purple. Blue is serene and calming, which might be just what your clients need after a long day. Pink evokes femininity, while purple demonstrates passion, creativity, and sentimentality. These are the perfect colors to make guests feel relaxed while also prompting self-reflection.

Offices and Cubicles

Want office coworkers to be more productive? Yellow walls can stimulate and energize your team, while also creating a sense of optimism, which can be beneficial in a hectic or busy workplace.  Orange evokes a sense of solidarity among staff, making many feel like they are part of a team, which also may be useful in your office environment. Use white for ceilings, trim, and accents, to produce a professional and fresh surrounding for all.

Sales-floor and Store-front

If you want to achieve a high-scale vibe in your store or shop, go with black and purple. Purple can help make people feel nostalgic, which may prompt them to make a purchase, while black exudes a sophistication and bold elegance that can be appealing to shoppers.

If you want to encourage or nudge patrons and visitors to buy your product or service, consider using color psychology when refurbishing your interiors. The right color can help convince visitors to stay, customers to buy, and guests to relax when visiting your site, space, or business. Contact a painting contractor for more help.

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