3 Top Tips For Selling A Home Quickly

Are you thinking about selling the home that you live in now? Do you want to make sure that the house sells quickly so that you can purchase a home that's better suited to your needs? Quickly selling a home can be a difficult task. Even when other homes in the neighborhood are selling quickly, yours could be the one that winds up taking seemingly forever to sell. In order to make sure that your home sells as quickly as possible, here are a few tips:

Clean and landscape the exterior - The first thing that anyone will see when they arrive at your house for a showing is obviously going to be the exterior. If the lawn hasn't been mowed in weeks or the driveway has small piles of leaves and other debris, potential buyers may simply drive on by instead of stopping to see how your home looks on the inside. In addition to pulling weeds, watering the lawn, and pruning hedges, you should also consider a fresh coat of paint. Although most people probably won't consciously notice a new paint job, they will almost certainly notice if residential exterior painting hasn't been performed in some time. Cracked or peeling paint can be just as unsightly, if not even more so, than small issues with the landscaping.

Repaint inside - Don't stop with just the residential exterior painting job. Pick at least one or two rooms to repaint as well. While it would probably be best if you could repaint your entire home to make it look more appealing, that isn't strictly necessary. The lack of any recent painting, accompanied by walls that are dirty; scuffed; or otherwise damaged, can make it seem like you haven't been performing routine maintenance on your home. Just a little bit of paint can hide these minor imperfections and allow potential buyers to focus on more important matters.

Put things into storage - Consult with a real estate professional to get help staging your home for the pictures and walk-throughs. This likely means putting at least some of your things into storage while waiting for an offer. Your collection of prize teapots or computer games may be extremely appealing to you but may make it difficult for buyers to imagine their belongings in the home that you're trying to sell. The real estate professional can help you strike a balance between too much clutter and having a home that feels sterile and empty.

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