Making Colorful Impressions: The Secrets Of Color Influence On Shoppers

From the small store with a minimal inventory to the massive retailer with aisle after aisle of merchandise, paint colors are one of those things that these kinds of businesses often take lightly. However, the colors you choose to use inside of your retail establishment can have a huge impact on buyers. It is no big secret that shoppers often shop for color before they do anything else where the actual merchandise is concerned, but the truth of the matter is the colors around that merchandise can also have a psychological effect on the buying process. Check out these interesting ways the color you choose to paint certain areas of your store can affect the shoppers inside. 

Bright and neon colors portray the idea that something is on sale. 

Think about the clearance stickers you use on merchandise you are trying to get out of the way quickly. Take a look at those signs that you place on discounted seasonal merchandise. If you are like most retailers, signage relative to discounted items will have some neon or brightly colored features. This is because these bright neon colors automatically tell the consumer that they are going to find a bargain. The same idea can be implemented with paint color schemes. Try painting one corner of your store in a bright color to use as your clearance spot, and chances are, every customer will know exactly what the color mean without you saying a word. 

Warm and earthy color hues offer an inviting atmosphere. 

As a retailer, it is always important that your customers feel warmly invited into your place of business. However, there are some areas of the store when you want then to feel at home and be reminded of their own home. For example, in housewares, bedding, home fragrances, it is a good idea to ensure customers are comfortable and reminded of their own home. There are colors that can encourage these thoughts. Specifically, warm and earthy tones, such as deep browns, burgundy, and even muted orange and khaki. 

Some colors entice customers to purchase for the occasion. 

Picture this: You walk into a store on a rainy summer day and are drawn to the summertime supplies, such as beach towels and pool toys. The walls in the area are painted a bright blue and the way the bright light overhead reflects on the wall puts you in the mind of being at the beach, so you go ahead and pick up what you need so you can be ready for your next day at the beach. This example may seem a little out there, but this actually does work to provoke an emotional response in buyers in special-occasion or seasonal areas of a store.

Talk with some local industrial painters for more advice. 

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