From AD To HD: Home Decoration Ideas To Alleviate Adult ADHD

If you suffer from ADHD, it can be crucial to have a home environment that makes concentration easy. Given that it can be hard to concentrate on one task with ADHD and adult life means that you must, you may be in a hard spot. Luckily, there are ways to structure your home to be able to concentrate a little better on the necessary tasks. Here are some ways that you can decorate your home so that you lessen your ADHD. 

Remove all unnecessary wording and lettering

Too much wording, lettering, and sentences on the items in your home can grab your attention since they will look busy to the eye. This can easily take attention away from the task at hand when you suffer from ADHD. Remove all unnecessary wording from your home decor, your electronics, and taking down any paintings that have too much wording can increase your effectiveness in the room. If anything that has wording cannot be safely removed, such as medicine bottles or certain cleaners, hide the things away inside of drawers. Be sure to have little to no things magnetized to the refrigerator as well. 

Have the home repainted white or gray

If you have bouts where you feel restless and your mind continues to run, keeping the colors of the room neutral will offer your brain respite from these issues. If you have any wallpaper or paint on your wall, it is a good idea to repaint these neutral. Select a builder's beige, white, or light gray shade for your entire home and have the rooms repainted. A residential painting firm, such as DW Painting, can paint all of your rooms the same color so that there are no differences in shade nor texture that can catch your eye. 

Install waterfalls in your home

The sound of a soft waterfall can be calming to the emotions. If you do any sort of work or homework at home, a nice waterfall feature should be placed in your home where you work. You can invest in a medium size, stand alone waterfall for one room or you can opt for a small, table waterfall for several different rooms. Make sure that the waterfall features are battery or gravity operated so that it will not need a cord. The cord can provide unnecessary sight distraction. A good, zen waterfall should be deep in color and have a nature theme that will inspire a feeling of being settled. 

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